Im so glad that I found Victoria Fries, owner of Reforming Long Island. I have been practicing reformer pilates on and off for years, but had a long standing knee injury and was fearful of getting back to exercising. I just moved back to Long Island and decided to look for a studio. After trying several places in the area, I’m just so thankful I found Victoria. She has customized my workouts to my needs, has helped me increase my flexibility, and has pushed me every week to get leaner and stronger. She is truly passionate about her specialty and cares about every client that walks through the door. She is truly the BEST!

Tanya Pineda McFarland

I have been doing pilates with Vicki for 5 years.  Vicki is a fantastic teacher who is disciplined, professional and motivating. Vicki is always challenging me to work harder. Vicki is dedicated and believes in what she is teaching which makes her classes so enjoyable, successful and rewarding. Pilates has helped improve my posture, flexibility and muscle tone I look forward to class each week.

Rose Derdak

I’ve been weight training for 15 years and have make more progress in only 10 sessions with Vicki and her Pilates Fusion Training!

Susan Pascale, Director, Music School , Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been working with Vicki for eight years. She takes great care to individualize my program, concentrating on my needs and varying every session with challenging new routines and equipment. Her passion for training and enthusiastic approach encourage all her clients to improve with each session. Thanks to Vicki and Pilates my core strength and flexibility have greatly increased.

usan Sadlier, Interior Designer, McGlynn, Sadlier Associates

In April of 2016 I underwent neurosurgery to relieve tightness in my legs due to Spastic Diplegia. After going through months of physical therapy, my wife convinced me to do Pilates. My instructor Victoria Fries has been extremely patient and able to modify exercises to my abilities. Pilates has improved my flexibility and lengthened my (new)
muscles. With Victoria’s help I have progressed further than I thought possible. Pilates has greatly improved my quality of life.

Franco DiGiovanni

Vicki has an amazing ability to adapt her program and exercises to make any client feel productive and see strong results. As a 65-year-old man, it is hard to perform as well as many of the women in their 30s and 40s that are much of her clientele. But Vicki has been able to create appropriate exercise programs and to vary those programs for maximum effectiveness. I have been with her for seven years and I can’t remember ever doing the exact same routine on any given day. I work with weights, exercise bike and treadmill independently but it is impossible to recreate the advantages of Pilates. It is an integral part of my routine.

cite>Owen Blicksilver

Since being diagnosed with early stage Parkinson’s a decade ago, I have worked with Vicki on a series of Pilates exercises weekly to strengthen my right side (which is weaker) and increase my overall flexibility and balance. I supplement my sessions with weights and use of a treadmill and recumbent bike. At age 65, I continue to work full time and my doctor, who originally saw me every three months, now only sees me twice a year. My low dose medication has not increased in five years. Over time, Vicki has added specialized exercises on the reformer designed specifically for Parkinson’s patients.


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